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Pest Control Contracts
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Contract Option 1
All contracts include Pest Prevention Manual and Log Book.
Complete Treatment – Minimum 6 service visits per year  for Rats, Mice and Cockroaches. 
Extra emergency callout included free of charge.  
From £130 per quarter.
Contract Option 2
From £180 per quarter as above but monthly visits (12 visits per year)
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a pest control contract?

For food businesses, it is always good practice to employ the services of a pest control contractor. Pest such as mice and rats are constantly around us in the environment and look for opportunities to enter buildings where food is handled or stored.

The surroundings to your premises could also be attractive to pests if refuse is not properly stored or if there is waste ground or a water course nearby.

Where can I look to find a pest control contractor?

You can search the internet eg,

How do I know if my pest control contractor is any good?

There are two things you can do:

  1. You could ask others in business if they have a pest control contractor they could recommend to you; and
  2. You can check if they are members of a nationally organised pest control association.
    • RSPH Qualifications.
    • PPT registered.
    • British Pest Control Association or
    • National Pest Technicians Association

What can I expect from a pest control contractor?

The contract should include immediate treatment of any pests found and should also cover regular visits to check for signs of pest infestation. You should always receive a written inspection sheet at the end of the visit. The inspection sheet should tell you exactly what has been done and may give you advice on things that you need to do. The inspection sheet should specify:

Type of infestation – what pests have been found

Where the pests have been found (eg. storeroom, kitchen)

Type of control measure taken, eg. bait laid, traps set etc., (If     chemical baits have been left you should be given information about safety precautions)

Locations of the bait and / or traps

Areas inspected during the visit

Any other actions taken by the pest control officer

Recommendation / Advice given by pest officer (covering cleaning, housekeeping, storage, pest proofing required etc.)

Date and frequency of pest officers visits

Any extra treatments and emergency visits.

If the pest control contractor cannot provide you with this level of service, find one who can!

Following the visit you should take immediate action to follow housekeeping and/or proofing recommendations to ensure that pests are eradicated or prevented from entering the premises.

Can I leave everything to the contractor?

We would advise you that it is essential that you carry out your own personal in-house checks in addition to the service provided by the pest control contractor, to ensure that any initial signs of infestation are dealt with promptly. )

Some examples of signs to be aware of include, rodent droppings, nibbled food, flying insects etc. Failure to suitably address an infestation problem could result in closure of your business and possible further legal action.

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